Variety-Packs Multipacks Solution – Beverage Co-Packer in California

Coming Q4 2021

Custom Automatic Multi-Pack Line:

Deliver strong, safe, simply elegant, or surprising custom multi-pack packaging solutions. Whether a 4 pack or 24 pack we can join your products in their own package with our custom solution.

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Variety Pack Beverage Co-Packer - Modesto CA
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Our Variety-Pack Capabilities:

  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Twin or Multipacks
  • Mixed Variant
  • Canning Line Speed: 420-480 CPM
  • Carton Pack Formats: 8/12/14 PK
  • Can Sizes: 187/250ml SLM & 355/473ml STD

Many Beverage Co-Packing Options Available Including:

• Alcoholic beverages – beer, wine, spirits, malts, cordials

• Exercise and workout beverages

• Flavored sparkling waters

• Soft drinks and sodas

• Vitamin infused water

• Or some new idea

We Are Your Variety Packs and Multipacks Beverage Co-Packer

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